In this day of information overload it has arguably never been harder to stay abreast of important news. This is why we created TheChristians.com web journal: to help keep Christians current on the issues we think really matter.

Delivered to your inbox each week, Ted Byfield's latest column appears at the top the email. Ted has been in the news business for over 70 years (starting with the Washington Post in 1946), has founded three Christian schools and published over 30 books, most notably the ground-breaking 12-volume history series 'The Christians: Their First Two Thousand Years.' 

Following Ted's latest article, the latest issue then follows with top stories on issues and events impacting Christians right now.  Every week we read through thousands of articles drawn from over 50 Christian and secular news sites so that you don't have to.

We look for the stories that best merit your attention and distill it down to a 'top ten.' Topics we cover include politics, attacks on freedoms, terrorism, abortion, euthanasia, evangelism, feminism, health, historical discoveries, immigration and refugees, Israel, media bias, schools, transgenderism and war (to name a few).

Since there is almost always a deluge of depressing news we know it's important to strengthen our faith and hope for a better future. To that end we place particular emphasis on ensuring that each issue contains at least three inspirational stories or deal with a serious issue but can demonstrably show that our cause is making gains.

Thank you for taking the time to stay informed. 
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