Transition Faster, with Easier & Achieve Better Results

Transitions are all around us, affecting our professional and personal lives in countless ways. The good news is that transition is a science, which can be learned and mastered, as in learning a language. The bad news is that we resist transitions, and want to keep everything the same, no matter how frustrating and futile things have become.

In many ways, transitions are simple. Every transition has three chapters – Ending, Limbo and Renewal. Ending is when something important to you comes to an end (a job, a relationship, the kids moving out, or even a shift in sense of self). Limbo is the most confusing phase. This is when you recognize that the past is no longer working, but you haven’t yet glimpsed the creative answers hidden in the future. Finally, Renewal arrives, when you begin to embrace new ways of thinking and acting that will lead to a “new you”.

The Transition Kit will guide you to think and act in creative new ways.

Your Transition Kit  includes:
1) Introduction To Transitions interactive video presentation
2) Introduction To Transitions downloadable audio mp3
3) Transitions eBook

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