We are excited to provide an environment for parents with young children. As your child grows and develops, we hope to prepare them, through this Toddler environment, for our Early Childhood ministry (for more information about Pre/K, please click this link). Due to the nature of caring for toddlers, please fill out the following information and preferences. Please keep in mind:
  • The Toddler Room will be made available to families with toddlers who have learned how to walk through age 3. Parents with children who have not yet learned how to walk can make use of our open nursery section to tend to their little ones and listen to the audio feed of the service.  
  • All guests and registered families must check-in so that we have paging information handy in the case your attention is needed.
  • Parents may decide to stay and volunteer in the Toddler room with their children or leave them in the care of volunteers. Every parent has a different threshold and approach to child-rearing. The following preferences will help us partner with you in caring for your child.
* indicates required
Please list all parent(s)/guardian(s) names for reference.
Email will be used for contact and ministry purposes only.
# will be used for ministry contact purposes only.
Please list all children you are enrolling for our Toddler environment.
Birthdays are used to track ages for future Pre/K enrollment.
If none, please write "N/A".
Please let us know when we should page you should your child need your attention.
Typically, we will be serving Goldfish crackers and water or apple juice.
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