Hello Beautiful,

I'm Elle Roberts and I am a creativity coach and business mentor.

I am quirky, silly and try hard not to take life too seriously. I love small business. I love the freedom, the flexibility and the empowerment that earning money on your own terms gives you. I also believe the world becomes a better place when we find a way to do what we love for a living.

It is my honour to help other women sort the business stuff so they can thrive doing work that fills their soul and inspires them and the people around them.

I am here to here to help you sort out the “business stuff” so you can focus on your art, creative talents and the stuff YOU are most passionate about.

Signing up to receive my Love Letters to Creative Entrepreneurs you will hear from me about once a fortnight. I will share with you what is happening on the blog, tell you about any new resources and often have special discounts and offers just for you. 

Creativity Coach :: Business Mentor :: Educator :: Writer :: Speaker


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