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I will be sharing with you some personal experiences on the yoga and life journey and I hope you talk to me as well.  

I treat this email list with super respect and enjoy the interactions.  So feel free to email me anytime.

Every newsletter gives me the opportunity to hear from someone in the tribe and I like being connected and hearing what you are going through.

Every newsletter I learn something new from you.  So, I'm GRATEFUL you are joining today.

Also, you can make requests for poses/modifications or specific issues on the 30-min LIVE Class I teach on Periscope every Friday at 7AM ET.  

Tweet questions or request to me @ClaudiaYoga (on Twitter) or email me here.

Do listen to the episodes of TheYogaPodcast  where I have guests of the caliber of Sawasathi Jois, Gregor Maehle, Paul Dallaghan, Kino Macgregor, Michael Singer and more...  I am very selective of guests and I "KEEP IT REAL" as you will hear.

If you happen to see me at an event, do introduce yourself to me, come say hi!   :-)

Wish you all good things. Claudia
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