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It's not too late! Sign up below if you'd like to beta read an epic fantasy in January 2017. If you're not sure what a beta reader is, or want to learn more before you decide: Visit the beta FAQs 

Important notes: 

  • Riftblade: World Asunder is about 100,000 words long
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  • You'll need to read the whole thing in two weeks and send me your feedback
Early synopsis: 

Kanenn is a good soldier, but when his entire battalion is slaughtered by invading enchanters, he can do nothing to stop them. A lone enchanter throws him from the battlefield, leaving him the sole survivor. Now he must reconcile his people's desire for vengeance with the knowledge that the enchanters aren't all fighting on the same side.

I'll email you in January when it's time to read. 

Other notes: 

  • If you answer the questions at the end of every chapter, I'll put your name in the ebook and print Acknowledgments!
  • Beta reading is a big time commitment. If you fall behind, please let me know whether you plan to catch up. If not, I can put you into stasis until next time.
  • I'll email you once a week until we're done, so this is your last chance to turn back!

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