A three week website workshop for women.

You'll jump in an actionable prep class a few weeks beforehand working through branding lessons and learning super essential and easier-than-you-ever-thought Photoshop skills. Then, together as a group, we will create designs in Photoshop and leave this class with a website up and running.

MY goal: to get women entrepreneurs the skills in a really easy + personable format (lessons are all 3 minutes are less... have you ever sat through a 1 hour long video lesson on using layers in Photoshop...I have!) to create designer-level-looking businesses & brands themselves. No more of this everyone-has-the-same color scheme and pretty glitter photo crap. I want to see us brand ourselves uniquely, and have the understanding to keep on building:

Marketing materials! Facebook ads! No more waiting on anyone to
keep developing your website! Sales pages whenever you want!

Here's the thing- I don't do traditional online-female branding. 

Lets talk creating your business's atmosphere. Let's talk about working with design connotations to sneak in peaks of your personality that make a brand a BRAND. Let's talk designing for your user's and buyer's experience. Let me see your ideas, then give you mine, then we make something you.

Okay, the tangibles. Things that will be included: one on one input and advice from me / tons of design inspiration and years worth of swipe files (with notes!) / dozens of layout ideas for all different website page types / font combo pairings and use cheats (steal my favs) / quick, digestible Photoshop video learning lessons / a pre-made website template via Headway Theme + Wordpress you'll have video lessons and tech week with me to get setup  / dissecting other brands and businesses with me to learn branding strategy / A whole new take on what you thought branding was, how fun design can be, and leave with a website that feels like you (finally, right?)

Investment for this BETA run will be $375.

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