Hello, Female MusicPreneur!

Thank you for your interest in our Mega Marketing for Musicians course!

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In this course you will learn marketing basics and creative ways to find, build, grow & retain your ideal audience & diehard fans! 

It covers strategies to help build your presence on sites such as Twitter, Spotify and YouTube, build and promote your hub, AND boost your income as a result. 

In this in depth course you will learn how to find your ideal fans in cyberspace and beyond ~ the real ones who love and appreciate you and will support you by buying and promoting you, helping to spread the word about your epic sound!  

It will help you to OVERstand how promotion works within marketing and show you how to make it work for YOU as a musican.
Lessons include:
  • Define your goals
  • Define marketing goals
  • Set up your marketing plan
  • Figure out your special sauce
  • Getting past objections (yours and others)
  • Defining and learning your elevator pitch
  • Know your audience
  • Find your diehard fans
  • Creative ways to market yourself, music, and your other products and to stand out to make an income
  • Ways  to get recognised to further your reach, authority, and ultimate success
  • How to track and tweak progress
And much much more!

Amongst other things, this course comes with free workbook, video tutorial, resources, tips, & printables. 

3 sessions of one on one coaching is also included to help you get started, track progress, and finish strong like a lady musician boss should!

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